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Structured Medication Reviews

The Requirement
From Thursday 1st October 2020, Primary Care Network’s (PCN’s) are required to use the appropriate tools to identify and prioritise patients who’d benefit from a Structured Medication Review (SMR) which must include patients:
  • In Care Homes
  • With Complex and Problematic Polypharmacy – Specifically those on 10 or more Medications
  • On Medicines commonly associated with Medication Errors
  • Using Potentially Addictive Pain Management Medication

These patients should be identified and offered a structured medication review, which is supported a Clinical Pharmacist and where applicable a Pharmacist Technician.

What is a Structured Medication Review (SMR)?

A Structured Medication Review (SMR) is a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved clinical intervention. They are a structured, holistic and personalised review of patients who have complex or problematic cases of polypharmacy. These are facilitated by shared decision-making conversations with patients.

Through PCNs, SMR’s can be used as an opportunity to support the meeting of international commitments on antimicrobial prescribing. Improved medication use will improve patient outcomes, ensure better value for money for the NHS, help reduce waste, and improve its environmental sustainability.

Using the Clinical System to Support SMRs
To deliver SMR, clinical systems functionality should be optimised to both reduce costs and support safer prescribing, examples are given below:
  • Identify target patients through the use of structured searches
  • Drive efficiency of the desk top review by creating mail merge documents to extract key information in the electronic record. Using current coded data mail merge documents provide users with a “go to” document that could be saved electronically or printed to help with the review process.
  • Help bring in line reviews with a structured date format
  • Record information in a uniformed way through the use of clinical templates
  • Standard Clinical Templates will ensure all the appropriate codes and specifics are recorded by the users during SMRs
  • Alerting users to specific information “real time” of the SMR DES information required as patient records are accessed.
How Oberoi Consulting are Supporting PCNs with SMRs
Oberoi Consulting are working alongside PCNs to support the delivering of SMRs.
Support work includes:
  • Assessing the data recording process.
  • Creating clinical templates to ensure the relevant data can be recorded at each review
  • Creating different templates for different pharmacist roles to support the variation in the information that needs to be recorded.
  • Searches to identify care home patients, whether they have had a review or have one outstanding.
  • Searches to tie in to other local incentives such as identifying those patients who will be due a review by date.
  • Building of appointment books.


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