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Supporting new primary care DVT pathways with D-Dimer kits

Oberoi Consulting supported Mid-Essex CCG to implement a new Primary Care based deep vein thrombosis (DVT) care pathway.

An initial audit was carried out to evaluate and identify patient costs associated with the current pathway, which involved referring patients with suspected DVT to the local A&E.

We also examined what a revised pathway could look like, including benefits to patient experience.

Following the initial baseline assessment, a revised care Primary Care pathway for suspected DVT was implemented – with tests being undertaken in surgeries using D-Dimer kits supplied by Oberoi Consulting.

  • The use of the D-Dimer kits led to less referrals being made to secondary care
  • This resulted in a reduced financial burden on the NHS

Overall, the revised care pathway using the D-Dimers kits has led to a quicker and more efficient diagnosis procedure; which has cut down on unnecessary referrals, with obvious benefits for patients and clinicians.

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