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Impact of Clinical Systems Training

Viaduct Care is a not-for-profit GP Federation owned by 37 GP practices across Stockport. Their mission is to find innovative solutions to the challenges currently faced by the NHS while protecting the interests of general practice and ensuring patients in their area receive the best possible care. As part of their efforts to improve patient care, they offer multiple services, including the Stockport Integrated Pharmacy Services (SIPS).

To ensure the SIPS team could utilise EMIS Web  to its full potential, Viaduct Care identified the need for EMIS Web Training to enhance system knowledge. They commissioned Oberoi Consulting to help them devise a bespoke training programme.

The programme consisted of 9 training modules, each an hour-long, delivered via Microsoft Teams, to meet the criteria set out by the training needs consultation. This training was used by the Viaduct SIPS team as new starter training and refresher training for current staff.

According to Tim Merchant, Clinical Director of Viaduct Care Stockport GP Federation they have seen the impact of the investment  “We have seen a noticeable enhancement in the use and functionality of EMIS Web.”

“The bespoke EMIS Web training, commissioned from Oberoi for our clinical pharmacists, social prescribers and doctors, has made a huge impact on our organisation’s services. Our integrated pharmacy service has reported reduced consultation reporting time, improved the quality of data recorded in our consultations, and given the team more confidence in using EMIS Web”

“Our business intelligence teams have reported a positive impact to analytical data reporting”

Thanks to the training programme developed and delivered by Oberoi Consulting, the Viaduct SIPS team can now use EMIS web  to its full potential, providing better care for patients across Stockport.

Viaduct Care continues to work towards innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by the NHS and improve patient care

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